Miro Music Player Free Download

Beautiful interface. Plays any video type (much more than windows media player). Subscribe to video RSS, download, and watch all in one. Torrent support. Search and download from YouTube and others.

  • It's very easy to switch from iTunes to Miro -- without any copying. Just point Miro to your music and video folders and those files will appear. 
  • Miro plays almost any video or music format and downloads from YouTube, podcasts, Amazon, and bittorrent.
  • You can convert almost any video with Miro into mp4/h264, with presets for almost any device you can think of (including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android phones, and more).
  • Miro has some of the fastest bittorrent downloading in the world, built in.

  • File Size : 30.0 MB
  • Supports for Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 & Mac OS
  • Free Download

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