KB Piano Free Download

KB Piano is a virtual piano software. Just press the keyboard's keys and you'll hear sounds coming out your speaker. KB Piano is a very simple and powerful software. You can easily configure it to play using different instrument sounds (such as guitar, piano, violin). There are 128+ different sounds you can choose from. Also, it includes a tool called Qchords, with it you can play chords pressing only one key. If you don’t play a music instrument, you don’t have to worry, with Qchords your songs will sound great.

If you created a small song and want to record it, KB Piano includes all the necessary tools to create a professional quality song. Record using up to 99 channels and correct mistakes in your songs with the events editor.

Specifications :
  • 128+ instrument sounds.
  • Play chords with one key using Qchords.
  • Add audio tracks and record audio from you microphone.
  • Easily edit mistakes in your songs with the Events Editor.
  • Share your songs saving them as midi, wma and wav files that can be played in most computers.
Details :
  • File Size : 10.7 MB
  • Supports for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & 10
  • Free Download

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