Advanced Windows Service Manager

Advanced Windows Service Manager Free Download. Advanced Windows Service Manager  is the specialized software for smarter analysis of Windows Services. It offers many powerful and unique features which sets it apart from built-in Service Management Console as well as other similar softwares.

Advanced Windows Service Manager' can help you to detect Malicious services easily from hundreds of running services. You can then use integrated 'Online Scan' to further verify it through one of online services such as VirusTotal, ProcessLibrary, Google etc.

Itis fully Portable version and comes with Installer also to help in local installation/un-installation.It works on all Windows system starting from Windows XP to new Windows 10 version.

Specifications :
  • Uses heuristic analysis along with other anti-rootkit techniques such as Bypass Hook method.
  • Scanned services are automatically analyzed and classified based on various threat levels.
  • Supports integrated 'Online Scan' service using VirusTotal, ProcessLibrary and Google to verify malicious nature of services.
  • Quickly arrange the services based on service name, threat level, status, company name.
  • Detailed report generation in HTML/XML format.
Details :
  • File Size : 4.5 MB
  • Supports for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & 10
  • Free Download

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