Flash Magic Free Download

Flash Magic is a PC tool for programming flash based microcontrollers from NXP using a serial or Ethernet protocol while in the target hardware. Flash Magic is Windows software from the Embedded Systems Academy that allows easy access to all the ISP features provided by the devices.

Flash Magic provides a clear and simple user interface to these features. Under Windows, only one application may have access the COM Port at any one time, preventing other applications from using the COM Port.

Flash Magic only obtains access to the selected COM Port when ISP operations are being performed. This means that other applications that need to use the COM Port, such as debugging tools, may be used while Flash Magic is loaded.

Specifications :
  • Straightforward and intuitive user interface.
  • Use high-speed serial communications on devices that support it.
  • Control the DTR and RTS RS232 signals to place the device into BootROM and Execute modes automatically.
  • Ethernet bootloader for LPC1xxx/LPC2xxx devices
  • Build your own Flash Magic based applications using the DLLs for C, C++, Python
Details :
  • File Size : 50.4 MB
  • Supports for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 &10
  • Free Download

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