Waterfox Browser Free Download

Waterfox is an open-source web browser for 64-bit operating systems, with an aim to be speedy and ethical, and maintain support for legacy extensions dropped by Firefox, from which it is forked. There are official releases for 64-bit Windows, macOS, 64-bit Linux and 64-bit Android. It aims to be fast and focus on power users.

To share or not share, that’s your call with Waterfox’s more powerful Private Browsing feature. It automatically blocks trackers and ads that collect your information without permission.

Specifications :
  • Windows and tabs load quicker for lightweight browsing that doesn’t hog your computer’s memory.
  • Protect your online privacy and keeps corporate powers in check.
  • Waterfox Private Browsing blocks ads with trackers.
  • More protection than Incognito mode or InPrivate.
  • Save passwords and logins quickly.
Details :
  • File Size : 71.4 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download