Creative WaveStudio 7.14 Free Download

Creative WaveStudio, you are given an array of powerful audio editing tools in both 8-bit and 16-bit. It also features an audio recording tool perfect for transferring vinyl, cassette or CD tracks to your system.
Using Creative WaveStudio is easy and involves starting a new (or opening an existing) project. Inside the project, it is possible for select audio, perform editing functions like editing, cropping or deleting.Other tools include echo, reverse, normalize volume and other effects for improving sound.

Using Creative WaveStudio is a little bit similar to other programs like Audacity but perhaps not as feature-packed. WaveStudio in the end has little effect on system resources like CPU and RAM usage.

Specifications :
  • Can record directly into Creative WaveStudio.
  • Removes artifacts with Audio Clean-up.
  • WaveStudio has an in-built audio converter that allows you to convert files.
  • Powerful editing tools all your audio editing needs.
Details :
  • File Size : 14.2 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download