Opera Neon Browser Free Download

Opera Neon wipes away your desktop clutter by bringing your computer’s wallpaper into the browser.Opera Neon’s newly developed physics engine is set to breathe life back into the internet. Tabs and other objects respond to you like real objects; they have weight and move in a natural way when dragged, pushed, or even popped. This desktop browser is more than just a window to the internet – with Opera Neon, you are in control of everything you see.

Opera Neon makes surfing the web both easy and beautiful. You don’t need to stuff images you love away into folders where you’ll never find them again. Instead, collect them into the built-in snap-to-gallery tool. Love a video? Opera Neon also lets you gather your media-playing tabs together in the player panel.

Split screen mode allows you to freely browse two web pages at once by simply dragging the visual tabs to the left or right panel. Without having to click back into the page, simply move your mouse pointer between pages for simultaneous browsing.

Specifications :
  • Split screen mode allows you to freely browse two web pages at once.
  • Player panel that organizes all the tabs playing music or video into a single panel.
  • Fresh take on Speed Dial.
  • Visual tabs use images from web pages to help you find the pages.
Details :
  • File Size : 37.5 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download