USB Block Free Download

A simple USB device can steal all your hard work in a blink! USB Block helps you to overcome such risk! USB Block is a data leak prevention software to block USB drives on your PC. Prevent theft and leakage of your important files, documents and source codes from devices like USB Drives, CD/DVD, and network computers. You can white-list your USB drives and devices. Whenever an unauthorized device is detected, a password prompt comes up.

USB Block enables you to restrict all the unauthorized devices from leaking out your personal files. Your PC might be full of photos, audios, videos, presentations, and office files you want no one to steal! Fear not, USB Block is created exactly for such purpose. You can whitelist only the authorized known devices and restrict the unwanted users from copying your files to unauthorized devices and USB drives etc.You can whitelist trusted devices that you commonly use. This way you can copy data to your own USB, External drives, your iPhone or Android phone but block other such devices from accessing your PC. When an unauthorized device is detected, a password prompt comes up asking you to either whitelist the device or cancel the access altogether.

Specifications :
  • It offers the option to allow access to only those drives and devices that you have authorized.
  • Data cannot be accessed without correct password.
  • You can prevent copying and leakage of your data to unauthorized USB drives.
  • It prevents plagiarism, piracy, illegal distribution and copying of your data.
  • Can check whether someone has tried to hack into USB Block by using incorrect passwords.
Details :
  • File Size : 4.7 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download