Expresii 2019 Free Download

Expresii is a feature-packed and reliable utility that enables you to easily create stunning digital paintings. The application integrates the Moxi paint engine that is able to use your GPU to its maximum potential in order to bring watercolor simulation to a new level. The integrated Yibi brush engine offers you the power to effortlessly create organic shapes just like wielding a real brush. Thanks to the Youji rendering engine, your creations will look as they were done on real paper. 

Expresii offers an unique combination of brushes and inks that will accurately simulate the Eastern calligraphy and painting. The program features a modern, clean and intuitive interface, offering fast access to all the available tools. An User Guide is included, as well. Expresii provides a series of presets that will make your work easier. The program lets you select any brush and tweak it inn order to better accent fill-ins or strokes, work on fine details, and much more. 

Specifications : 
  • It has a very user friendly interface.
  • Giving you power to create organic shapes like wielding a real brush.
  • virtual brush is really a brush that gives you almost the same effects of 2D digital brushes.
Details :
  • File Size : 23.3 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download

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