Rebelle 2019 Free Download

Rebelle is a one-of-a-kind paint software that lets you create realistic watercolor, acrylic, wet and dry media artwork, using real-world color blending, wet diffusion and drying. Rebelle is designed for traditional painters and CG artists who want to explore and broaden their artistic repertoire, using the latest ground-breaking digital painting technology.

Rebelle 2019 has been equipped with an intuitve and customizable user interface which has made it more simple for the the painters to work with. It has got some new straight line, ruler and perspective tools. It has also been equipped with Reference Image and Preview panel. With Rebelle 2019 you can get the most realistic watercolor painting and not just the results are realistic looking but the behavior of the paint is also real like it spreads after a smear, it dries out after soome time and it is absorbed by the canvas.

Specifications :
  • watercolor DropEngine enables creating beautiful dripping effects.
  • 23 Photoshop blending modes
  • Drag & Drop image from folder or web
  • Straight line, Ruler & Perspective tools.
Details :
  • File Size : 95 MB
  • Supports for Windows 7/8 & 10
  • Free Download
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